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Canadian Business Compliance Manual (CBCM)

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Nancy J. Bullis, Brian J. Wilson

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Canadian Business Compliance Manual (CBCM) - This product is available in the following media types: Internet Collection, Supplementary DVD (Folio Views infobase), DVD (Folio Views infobase), Download (Folio Views infobase), Loose Leaf Service

Covering the issues that matter, the Canadian Business Compliance Manual is your essential guide for critical information on the legal and business requirements, and the administrative and compliance issues every Canadian business must know.

This product was originally issued by a CPA Canada legacy body.

A subscription to Canadian Business Compliance Manual (CBCM) includes access to the following title(s):

ItemItem no.PriceQuantity
Internet CollectionAnnual Internet Subscription   
Initial Office License (5 users)
Additional User License (1 user)
Supplementary DVD (Folio Views infobase)Supplementary DVD Subscription (Folio Views) 
DVD (Folio Views infobase)Annual VPL Subscription - DVD (Folio Views)   
Initial Office License (5 users)
Additional User License (1 user)
Download (Folio Views infobase)Annual VPL Subscription - Download (Folio Views)   
Initial Office License (5 users)
Additional User License (1 user)
Loose Leaf ServiceComplete Contents, plus 1 year subscription 
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Canadian Business Compliance Manual

Get all your answers in one place

Increasingly, professionals are expected to have all the answers – regulations, compliance issues, legal requirements, financing alternatives, business practices, the major risks, alternatives and costs of new directions. So where do you begin when you need up-to-date information about complex legal areas?

Whether you're an accountant who advises small and medium business clients, or a business owner/manager who needs up-to-date information to help run your business, you can turn to the Canadian Business Compliance Manual for a comprehensive, easy-to-understand overview of the legal requirements and associated administrative and compliance information being used in Canadian business today.

Written by accountants and lawyers in a straightforward style that makes complex issues easy-to-understand, the Canadian Business Compliance Manual is designed to help accounting practitioners, business owners, financial executives, controllers, auditors, managers, lawyers and other professionals.

PLUS – subscriber access to the online CBCM Quick Reference Guide, which includes:

  • links to key websites in each province
  • significant calendar dates
  • income tax prescribed rates
  • payroll deduction tables
  • federal and provincial tax rates
  • U.S. federal tax rates
  • probate taxes … and more.

Covering the issues that matter to your business

Organized into seven practical sections that answer your questions at different stages in the life of your business, including…

Life of a Business

Part I: Organization of Entities Part IV: Periodic Compliance
Corporate Law Electronic Commerce & Internet Law
Franchising Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy
Partnership Law Insurance
Registered Charities Intellectual Property
Part II: Financing Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act
Finance Part V: International Issues
Financial Mathematics Foreign Investment
Government Assistance International Business
Investment US Federal and State Income Tax
Securities Act Summary Part VI: Personal Financial Matters
Part III: Regular Compliance Family Law
Employment Trust Law and Taxation of Trusts
Employment Insurance Wills and Estate Planning
Private Pension Plans Part VII: Restructuring
Public Pension and Security Programs Bankruptcy
Taxation - General Insolvency
Workers Compensation Purchase and Sale of a Business

Other Features
  • The overview chapter, Life of a Business, guides users through the use of the Manual in a business format.
  • The detailed table of contents at the beginning of each chapter provides access to the information you need quickly and easily.
  • The CBCM Quick Reference Guide provides subscribers with current links to government-related sites and other relevant information sites for further research.
  • Part of CPA Canada’s Virtual Professional Library (VPL), the electronic versions of CBCM lets you follow any cross reference with a single key stroke.
  • Easy-to-use tools, such as bookmarks, post-it notes and highlighters, allow you to customize your copy.

This product was originally issued by a CPA Canada legacy body.

Publication Date: Updated regularly as part of your subscription

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