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CPA Canada Handbook Plus (HBPLS), Non-Members (Electronic)

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CPA Canada Handbook Plus (HBPLS), Non-Members (Electronic) - This product is available in the following media types: Internet Collection, Supplementary DVD (Folio Views infobase), DVD (Folio Views infobase), Download (Folio Views infobase)An electronic collection which includes CPA Canada Handbook — Accounting and Canadian Accounting and Auditing Reference Service (CAARS).

This product was originally issued by a CPA Canada legacy body.

A subscription to CPA Canada Handbook Plus (HBPLS), Non-Members (Electronic) includes access to the following title(s):

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Internet CollectionAnnual Internet Subscription   
Initial Office License (5 users)
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Supplementary DVD (Folio Views infobase)Supplementary DVD Subscription (Folio Views) 
DVD (Folio Views infobase)Annual VPL Subscription - DVD (Folio Views)   
Initial Office License (5 users)
Additional User License (1 user)
Download (Folio Views infobase)Annual VPL Subscription - Download (Folio Views)   
Initial Office License (5 users)
Additional User License (1 user)
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CPA Canada Handbook Plus (HBPLS), Non-Members

CPA Canada Handbook – Accounting

The CPA Canada Handbook – Accounting reflects the Accounting Standards Board's strategy for adopting different sets of financial reporting frameworks for different kinds of entities. As part of your electronic subscription to CPA Canada Handbook Plus, updates will be posted or shipped as they become available:

  • Part I & IV – International Financial Reporting Standards and Accounting Standards for Pension Plans

  • Part II & III – Accounting Standards for Private Enterprises and Accounting Standards for Not-for-Profit Organizations

  • Part V - The pre-changeover accounting standards containing a complete set of the archived CICA Handbook – Accounting contents as of December 2009

To get more information and resources related to the new accounting and auditing standards, go to

Canadian Accounting and Assurance Reference Service (CAARS)

A comprehensive electronic collection of accounting, financial reporting and assurance titles, CAARS is automatically updated to include new titles when they are released.

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