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C•PEM Forms Walkthroughs (Videos)

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C•PEM Forms Walkthroughs (Videos) - This product is available in the following media types: Internet Collection

2016 Edition Now Available!

The perfect complement to your C•PEM subscription, the C•PEM Forms Walkthroughs are practical, short videos designed to provide step-by-step instructions on how to complete the key C•PEM forms.

A subscription to C•PEM Forms Walkthroughs (Videos) includes access to the following title(s):

ItemItem no.PriceQuantity
Internet CollectionAnnual Internet Subscription (01-5 users)   
Initial Office License (5 users)
Internet CollectionAnnual Internet Subscription (06-15 users)   
Initial Office License (15 users)
Internet CollectionAnnual Internet Subscription (16-25 users)   
Initial Office License (25 users)
Internet CollectionAnnual Internet Subscription (26-60 users)   
Initial Office License (60 users)
Internet CollectionAnnual Internet Subscription (60+ users)   
Initial Office License (200 users)
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The perfect complement to C•PEM

The NEW C•PEM Forms Walkthroughs are practical videos designed to walk users through the process of filling out the key C•PEM forms step-by-step. With clear, insightful explanations from the authors of C•PEM, these five-to-ten-minute videos discuss where each form fits within the audit process, the applicable CAS requirements and how each form should be completed. View a sample video: Form 500: Observations and Analytical Procedures.

Video presentations include a breakdown of the following audit forms:

MAP: C•PEM audit map Form 530: Pervasive (entity-level) risks and controls
Form 001: Audit file index Forms 545-560: Control design/implementation
Form 320: Notes on significant audit decisions Form 590-1 FSL: Worksheet — Assessing risk at financial statement level
Form 335: Worksheet — Summary of identified misstatements Form 590-2 AL: Engagement scoping/summary of assessed risks at the assertion level
Forms 405/410: Engagement acceptance/continuance Form 605: The overall response
Form 420: Materiality Form 610: Worksheet — Sampling — Tests of details
Form 426: Planned risk assessment procedures Form: 615: Worksheet — Sampling — Tests of controls
Form 430: Overall audit strategy Form 625: Worksheet — Going-concern evaluation
Form 436: Team planning discussions Form 635: Worksheet — Accounting estimates (including fair values)
Form 500: Observation and analytical procedures Form 645: Litigation, claims and non-compliance
Form 505: Inquiries of management and others Form 650: Subsequent events
Form 510: Identifying risks through understanding the entity Form 666: Worksheet — Related-party transactions
Form 513: Understanding account estimates Form 670: Use of journal entries
Form 515: Understanding related parties A-ZZ Series: Audit plans and procedures — Assets / liabilities and equity
Forms 520/522: Risk registers 700 Series: Audit plans and procedures — Income statements
Form 525: Going concern — Identifying events and conditions 900 Series: Financial reporting frameworks

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Publication Date: July 2016

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