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EY's Federal Income Tax Act, 2017 Edition

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Alycia Calvert, Fraser Gall, Murray Pearson

EY's Federal Income Tax Act, 2017 Edition - This product is available in the following media types: Internet Collection, Book (Softcover), Download (eBook)

Available as a Print + Online + eBook Combo

Edited by practising tax professionals

Included with this edition – interactive online features and purpose notes for selected provisions. Purchase of a print book includes access to an online, updated, and searchable copy of the Federal Income Tax Act and the PDF eBook for one price. Consolidated to March 15, 2017.

Now available.

A subscription to EY's Federal Income Tax Act, 2017 Edition includes access to the following title(s):

ItemItem no.PriceQuantity
Internet CollectionOnline + eBook combo (annual subscription)   
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Book (Softcover)Print book + online + eBook combo (one-time purchase) 
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Book (Softcover)Print book + online + eBook combo (standing order) 
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Download (eBook)eBook (annual subscription) - Current to March 15, 2017 
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A great value – purchase one annotated and indexed print book and receive online updates throughout the year! Now available.

Time-saving features will quickly get you up-to-speed:

  • Purpose notes explain the intent behind selected provisions.
  • Flag icons identify provisions for which the latest amendments are effective in 2016 or 2017.
  • Quick Fetch (QF) codes that connect you easily to our online services for additional source documents and commentary.*

* Begin by using the QF codes embedded in your print book to easily connect to our Interactive Interpretations (iBox ). The online iBox will then allow you to access related content that is updated throughout the year.

Current legislation and proposed amendments, consolidated to March 15, 2017, includes

  • March 22, 2017, federal budget tax measures (special budget supplement)
  • Bill C-29 (SC 2016, c. 12), Budget Implementation Act, 2016, No. 2
  • October 3, 2016 notice of ways and means motion
  • September 16, 2016 legislative proposals

Thoroughly annotated and indexed, EY’s Federal Income Tax Act is updated and edited by practicing tax professionals and published by CPA Canada. It includes…

Insights from EY

  • purpose notes for selected provisions
  • notes comprising case and ruling digests
  • editorial notes on anomalies, corrections and indexed amounts
  • topical index with more than 11,000 entries

Handy reference tables

  • corporate and personal tax rates
  • status of proposed amendments
  • table of amending acts
  • tax treaty withholding rates

Other features

  • Finance comfort letters and news releases with technical amendments are incorporated as proposed amendments
  • comprehensive annotations for
    • bulletins, circulars, folios, and forms
    • defined terms
    • related provisions
    • Canadian Tax Foundation articles

Also available — eBook version is current to March 15, 2017 (new version now available). eBook annual subscription is updated up to four times per year. It is available in PDF version.

Store entry revised: June 2017

ISBN: 978-1-5254-0055-1
Publication Date: May 2017
Number of Pages: approx. 2400

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