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Personal Tax Planner Guide 2017-2018, The

Nancy J. Bullis, Brian J. Wilson

Personal Tax Planner Guide 2017-2018, The - Ce produit est offert sur les supports suivants: Livre (couv. souple)

Looking for ways to grow your practice this year?
This practical marketing tool can be distributed to new and prospective clients to keep them informed of pertinent tax planning strategies for the current tax year.

Orders ship October 2017. Pre-order today!

Sold in multiples of 25. Price displayed includes shipping and handling.

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The Personal Tax Planner Guide

Each year, CPA Canada prints this helpful client guide so that firms can distribute copies to their clients in the early fall in preparation for the next tax season. When clients turn to you for further discussion on the tax planning topics presented in the guide, it's also an opportune time to talk to them about the other services your firm may provide. Sold in multiples of 25, The Personal Tax Planner Guide is a proven way to develop value-added services for clients.

Early Bird Offer

Personalize the cover of The Personal Tax Planner Guidewith your firm’s contact name and/or logo and help clients take notice of the services you provide as a financial advisor throughout the year.

Notes: :

  • sold in multiples of 25
  • regular cost for text-only personalization is $265; personalization with logo is $315
  • personalization is available until September 16, 2017
  • minimum order for personalized copies is 100 copies
  • orders ship October 2017

Email your sales representative for details and to order or call 1-855-769-0905.

Chapter topics include:

  • What’s New
  • Business Income
  • Employment Income
  • Investment Income
  • Other Income
  • Estate Planning
  • U.S. Federal Income Tax
  • Personal Deductions
  • Income Splitting for Families

The first chapter, What’s New, provides your clients with a summary overview of the recent changes in tax law with cross-references to the chapters that follow.

The five practical appendices include:

  • Document Organizer Worksheet
  • Tax Calendar
  • Tax Rate Tables
  • Prescribed Rates
  • Notes

The Document Organizer Worksheet can help your clients plan and organize their personal tax matters as well as prepare questions before meeting with you, their tax advisor.

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ISBN : ISSN 1480-2066
Date de publication : October 2017
Nombre de pages : approx. 180

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