The Practitioners Toolkit has been designed to assist CPAs who are contemplating public (SMP) practice and also those who already run small and medium-sized public practices. The Toolkit’s life cycle approach is designed to help you understand what's involved in setting up and managing a small practice by providing valuable resources, tools, advice and professional development.

Establishing a small and medium-sized practice (SMP) presents a number of unique challenges that rarely occur in a large public practice or industry. This Toolkit will help you to manage a range of issues and challenges in order to gain more control of your time ─ a key driver of the decision to start an SMP ─ and it will also help you to reap the benefits of your SMP with fewer headaches along the way. Even if you've been in an SMP for a number of years, you'll still find useful information in this Toolkit to help you operate your practice more efficiently and effectively.

The Toolkit is organized by four stages of development for a public practice:

1.Planning to start a public practice


3.Managing Growth

4.Succession Planning

Within each stage, it will address key issues and provide helpful advice regarding:

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