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Canadian Corporate Finance Manual (CCFM)

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J.D. Alton, Gary A. Fitchett

Canadian Corporate Finance Manual (CCFM) - Ce produit est offert sur les supports suivants: Collection Internet

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The ultimate guide to business financing in Canada

The Canadian Corporate Finance Manual from CPA Canada is designed to provide an understanding of all aspects of business financing. From practitioners who require a day-to-day reference source for advising their clients – to corporate financial officers who need to maintain a current understanding of the financing marketplace, this practical guide delivers a comprehensive overview of the various aspects of finance and the choices available to address each unique situation. With real-world case studies, helpful techniques and strategies, the Manual is your roadmap to business financing success.

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Canadian Corporate Finance Manual

The only comprehensive service offering timely and practical information on corporate finance in Canada today!

Throughout the Canadian Corporate Finance Manual’s 55 chapters, you will find insightful analysis and commentary related to all elements of finance. This Manual’s structured step-by-step process for understanding your financing options and developing a viable proposal will make it your first resource when:

  • researching the financing marketplace, particularly the current trends and the latest techniques and strategies
  • recognizing and avoiding the obstacles and pitfalls of financing
  • understanding the legal and tax matters which play a critical role in financing
  • identifying the right contacts

When you or your clients need financing, find the direct route to results with this proven guide

The Canadian Corporate Finance Manual will teach you how to deal with the inevitable financing challenges every business faces at various points in its cycle and allow you to discover the many and varied sources of financing that can help a business succeed. It is your one-stop resource for understanding financing, gaining focus and taking that next step with greater confidence.

Who should read the Canadian Corporate Finance Manual?

  • Practitioners who provide guidance and advice to their owner-managed business clients and may need a day-to-day reference resource on matters of finance.
  • Company financial officers, consultants or educators who need to maintain a current understanding of the complete subject matter.
  • Lawyers, bankers, economists and government advisors who need financing information for research and reference purposes.

The Canadian Corporate Finance Manual is available as a fully searchable Internet-based version on CPA Canada’s Knotia website.

Updates are billed individually with each release.

NOTE : Canadian Corporate Finance Manual (CCFM) is formerly The Canadian Business Financing Handbook (CBFH).

Date de publication : Updated regularly

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