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Personal Financial Planner's Manual, The

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David R. Gobeil

Personal Financial Planner's Manual, The - Ce produit est offert sur les supports suivants: Collection Internet

Get practical fingertip access to the myriad of facts, figures, definitions, strategies and general information required to do a financial plan today. Quarterly online updates will keep you current with all the changes that affect this rapidly growing field.

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Updated quarterly. For public accountants and consultants who provide personal financial planning services to clients.

Helps you develop and present professional personal financial plans quickly and efficiently.

This comprehensive, practical guide gives you fingertip access to the myriad of facts, figures, definitions, strategies and general information required to do a financial plan today.

Find Up-To-Date Answers Quickly

Making important financial decisions requires current information on a wide variety of subjects.

The Personal Financial Planner's Manual includes the Current Developments in Personal Financial Planning, which is a series of continuing education courses for Certified Financial Planners, Chartered Accountants, life agents and other financial services professionals. For guidance as to whether the Course meets your continuing education requirements, please consult your professional institute.

Concise, Practical Information

  • Disability insurance Probabilities of disability, the provisions in policies, individual versus group plans, strategies to obtain adequate, and tax implications.
  • Education Tuition Fees and room and board at universities, RESPs, CESGs and the Canada Student Loans, and tax considerations.
  • Employee benefits Statistics on income and taxes in Canada, employment law, and taxation of employee benefits.
  • Estate planning The planning process, spousal and testamentary trusts, wills checklist, a sample will, and tax considerations.
  • Income tax Tax tables, calculations of tax, automobile benefits, deadlines, recent changes and tax planning considerations.
  • Investments Strategies and selection criteria for CSBs, T-Bills, term deposits, common shares, preferred shares, warrants, calls and puts, Canadas, corporate bonds, mutual funds, and mortgage-backed securities.
  • Life insurance Analysis of life insurance needs, life expectancies, the provisions in term, whole life, universal and group insurance contracts, CPP benefits, tax considerations, and strategies to reduce risk and cost.
  • Lifestyle expenditures Guidance on expenditures including budgeting practices, family expenditures in Canada, CPI information, and strategies for reducing expenditures.
  • Mortgage and housing Costs of home ownership, mortgages, tax considerations, strategies for purchasing and financing a home, and a national survey of housing prices.
  • Pensions Types of plans, pension contributions, regulations, funding, benefits, strategies and sources of information.
  • Portfolio design Profile of the investor, investment characteristics, income tax considerations, strategies, reporting on investment performance, and a portfolio design checklist.
  • Professional standards Emerging professional standards for the conduct of a PFP practice, acceptance of an engagement, and preparation of personal financial statements.
  • Quick reference Current federal and provincial tax rates, prescribed interest rates, amounts and rates for CPP, OAS and EI.
  • Reference material Description of more than 50 publications on personal financial planning.
  • Retirement issues The retirement planning process, retirement income projections, retirement savings plans, life expectancies, tax considerations, and strategies.
  • RRSPs and DPSPs Qualified investments, contribution limits, earned income, carry forward, excess contributions, rollovers, and strategies to maximize benefits.

David Gobeil, CA, CFP

David develops products and services to assist other practitioners in meeting their clients' needs for personal planning services.

Update Service

The Manual is updated four times per year to keep you abreast of current developments.

ISBN : 0-88800-440-0
Date de publication : Updated regularly as part of your annual subscription

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